Wiring Inspections


Call Our Wiring Experts  It’s easy to take electrical wiring for granted because it’s hidden in the walls, beneath the floors, and above the ceilings, out of sight and out of mind. Often, wiring hazards begin in the places hardest to spot. Our electricians perform wiring inspections for new homes, renovations, and older homes to make sure that there are no frayed wires and no potential for wires to come in contact with water. Our wiring inspection covers all the electrical wiring in your home,…

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Smoke Alarms / RCD


  Nowadays, smoke alarm testing in Australia is a priority for running a safe business.  It is increasingly important to install and test smoke alarms. It is equally important to install and test smoke alarms in Australian homes as well. The best fire and smoke alarms offered are those that are interconnected with the building’s electrical power supply and each other. They should also have internal battery backup. An interconnected system of alarms will also allow any one alarm to set off all the other alarms,…

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Amy: Mandurah


I would highly recommend this service.Very helpful in providing a quote for the work promptly and all the work was done to a great standard. They confirmed arrival time the day before and they arrived on time as promised. Communication was great. Thanks Tony

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