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It’s easy to take electrical wiring for granted because it’s hidden in the walls, beneath the floors, and above the ceilings, out of sight and out of mind. Often, wiring hazards begin in the places hardest to spot. Our electricians perform wiring inspections for new homes, renovations, and older homes to make sure that there are no frayed wires and no potential for wires to come in contact with water.

Our wiring inspection covers all the electrical wiring in your home, including:
• Lights and Switches
• Power Points and Outlets
• Smoke Detectors
• Switchboards
• Outdoor Wiring
• Security System Wiring
• And More!
Once our wiring inspection is complete, our electricians offer expert advice regarding repairs and rewiring when necessary, to keep your home and your family safe.

Why Choose Us for Your Electrical and Lighting Services?
Safety first – Your safety is our number one priority!
Continual training – We continue to train our team members so that we can offer the best electrical products, lighting solutions and innovative installation methods.
Service with a smile – Our team of electricians is both knowledgeable and friendly.
Firm prices – Price quotes are guaranteed, so you will have no surprise expenses.
Satisfaction guaranteed – Our work is never finished until you are happy and satisfied.
Our family owned business looks forward to helping your family with all your electrical needs!


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